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Why get a CV review?

Your CV is your first impression when applying for a job. HR will spend only a few seconds on your CV with most being rejected. Among hundreds or even thousands of applicant CVs, you need to make sure your CV truly stands out, has the best chance of passing Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), and captivates the recruiter.

We'll review your CV and make sure it is the best it can be, so you can apply with confidence and get the job you deserve.

Our professional CV reviewers don't just rate your CV based on generic factors like structure, formatting, and presentation. Instead, they perform a comprehensive review of your CV's content, ensuring that your skills, experience, and achievements are showcased in the most effective way, increasing your chances of landing your dream job.

Experience the benefits of a free CV review and secure your place in today's competitive job market.

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How can I get a free CV review?

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How do we review your CV?

Dive into the world of precision with our expert CV reviewers! They are masters of detail, meticulously considering dozens of criteria as they scrutinize each CV. With their vast experience of reviewing hundreds of CVs, they have honed an eagle eye that can precisely pinpoint areas of improvement in any document.

But what sets them apart is their ability to craft feedback that is uniquely tailored to you. They don't just look at your CV - they look at your goals, your history, your aspirations. They understand that each individual is unique, and they ensure that their feedback reflects this. So why wait? Get started with our CV review service and unlock your potential today!

Check out a list of some of the criteria we take into account:

  1. Contact Information
  2. Professional Title
  3. Profile Summary
  4. Key Skills
  5. Work Experience
  6. Job Title Relevance
  7. Career Progression
  8. Employment Gaps
  9. Duration of Each Job
  10. Job Responsibilities
  11. Achievements
  12. Quantifiable Results
  13. Avoidance of Magic Numbers
  14. Relevant Experience
  15. Industry Jargon
  16. Education
  17. Degree Relevance
  18. Certifications
  19. Professional Training
  20. Publication Record
  21. Research Experience
  22. References
  23. Professional Affiliations
  24. Volunteer Work
  25. Languages
  26. IT Skills
  27. Other Transferable Skills
  28. Personal Interests
  29. Layout
  30. Format
  31. Length
  32. Font
  33. Font Size
  34. Bullet Points
  35. Use of Bold, Italics, Underline
  36. Spelling
  37. Grammar
  38. Punctuation
  39. Capitalization
  40. Consistency
  41. Clarity
  42. Conciseness
  43. Use of Action Verbs
  44. Use of Industry Keywords
  45. Tailoring to Job Description
  46. Objective Statement
  47. Addressing Selection Criteria
  48. Appropriate Margins
  49. Header and Footer Usage
  50. Use of White Space
  51. Overall Aesthetics
  52. Logical Flow
  53. Use of Numbers
  54. Use of Symbols
  55. Personal Pronouns
  56. Passive Voice
  57. Redundant Information
  58. Repetition
  59. Use of Color
  60. Photo Inclusion
  61. Professional Email Address
  62. Social Media Links
  63. LinkedIn Profile
  64. Link to Portfolio
  65. Unexplained Acronyms
  66. Country-Specific Norms
  67. Personal Data
  68. Honesty
  69. Use of Third Person
  70. Customization
  71. Relevance of Information
  72. Date of CV
  73. Salary Expectations
  74. Use of Subheadings
  75. Use of Tables
  76. Use of Graphs
  77. Use of Infographics
  78. Readability
  79. Use of Negative Space
  80. Use of Columns
  81. Hyperlinks
  82. Digital File Format
  83. File Size
  84. File Name
  85. Accessibility
  86. Visual Hierarchy
  87. Typography
  88. Branding
  89. Tone
  90. Originality
  91. Buzzwords
  92. Career Highlights
  93. Projects
  94. Testimonials
  95. Job-specific keywords
  96. Professional blog or website
  97. Professional voicemail message
  98. Patents or inventions
  99. Security clearances
  100. Licenses
  101. Reason for leaving
  102. QR codes
  103. Video CVs
  104. Digital portfolio
  105. Clarity of job titles
  106. Part-time work
  107. Freelance work
  108. Internship experience
  109. Co-op experience
  110. Clarity of company descriptions
  111. Startup experience
  112. Corporate experience
  113. Power words
  114. Academic honors
  115. Fraternity/sorority involvement
  116. Citations
  117. Endorsements
  118. Media Coverage
  119. Interviews
  120. Radio Appearances
  121. Television Appearances
  122. Speaking Engagements

Questions people ask about our free CV review.

Why don't you run my CV through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) as part of the review?

That would be entirely meaningless - it's a gimmick some companies use to try to impress you and convince you to spend money with them. Keep in mind that by uploading your CV to a third party ATS service they may also be selling your data on. Providing you with an indication of how well your CV performs on a single ATS configured in a single way by a single person is very misleading. The fact of the matter is that companies who do this probably don't really understand how ATS work and that the report you get back will be full of highly irrelevant information as they're not even configuring their ATS for the type of role you might want to apply for. Ask for our ATS factsheet to find out more about this.

Why don't you give my CV a score like other companies do?

Scores are meaningless magic numbers; we don't deal in false information as this would be extremely dishonest of us. Instead we take a deep and honest look at your CV and report back on ways it can be improved in line with your goals. You are not a number and your CV is what represents you in the hands of recruiters, employers and head-hunters alike.

Another company said I come across as a doer and not an achiever; what do they mean?

If we had a Dogecoin for every time we've heard this one... This is standard copy-paste text that they use to bait you into placing an order with them. The same text is used in every single CV review they carry out no matter what the CV contains.

Do I have to buy your CV writing service if I go for a free CV review?

Absolutely not. We'll provide you with our full list of recommendations and you can then decide whether you want to rewrite your CV yourself or pay a fee for your CV writer to tailor it for you.

What if I don't want to have a call about my free CV review?

That is absolutely fine - just let us know once you have signed up for your review and your CV writer will message you their feedback instead.

How do I book my free 15 minute CV review call?

Once you have signed up for your free CV review you will be redirected to your review page. Use the 'Book Call' button there to schedule your session.

What if I don't see any convenient times and days for my free 15 minute CV review call?

Send us a few times and dates that work for you via chat on your review page. We always do our best to accommodate!

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Impressed by the level of detail and thoroughness. Tons of actionable info - Great stuff!

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Call with Denise was just great and she was able to clearly identify whats best suited for senior roles and explained importance of her review comments and offered better clarity of what and how it should be done.

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